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Jin was born in China and graduated from Xinghai Conservatory of Music, Guangzhou in Dance Teaching and Performing.


In 1994, she joined the Guangzhou Song and Dance Company and has performed with the company to Japan, Madagascar, Comoros, Peru, Mauritius, Reunion Island, Malaysia and Singapore. After in 2001, she joined the Guangdong Modern Dance Company performing in Upon Calligraphy, Ripples, He & I, Obsessed by High-heel Shoes, Do not Love, and Bird’s Conversation which toured the USA, Germany, Italy, Canada, Belgium, Denmark, Poland and Netherlands. Including performances at the 2nd International Festival of Contemporary Dance in Venice in 2004 and Festival of China, 2005 at Kennedy Centre, Washington D.C.


She has performed dance works by Willy Tsao, Gao Chengming, Zhang Xiaoxiong, Long Yunna, Liu Qi, Matthew Hawkins, Hou Ying, Sele Tele and joined Margaret Jenkins and Phillip Adams workshops with the company.


Her choreographic credits include: You don’t Care, but I do Care, Blindness…Obscurity and Dream into Reality and her works were selected twice by Guangdong Modern Dance Festival to be performed. In 2006, her solo work The Midsummer won an award for originality at the 4th Contemporary Dance Competition (Shenzheng) and in 2008 was invited by the Leisure and Culture Services Department, HongKong and E-Side Dance Company to perform her work - 100% Cotton


Jin moved to Melbourne in 2009 and has completed her Masters in Arts Management at RMIT University. In 2013, she set up Jin Cheng Dance Arts, which was invited by the ISG Events to choreograph and perform for Bogdan Ota Concert, and also by Lauriston Girls’ School and Glendal Primary School to hold the dance workshop and performance, in order to promote Chinese traditional arts and dance. 







  • Lauriston Girls’ School  (July-September, 2013)

  • Glendal Primary School (Feb & Sep, 2013)

  • Great Future Chinese Culture School (2012-2013)

  • Glittery Tapping Wonderland (2012)

  • Sabrina Dance Troupe (2011-2013)

  • Oriental Arts Centre, Melbourne (2011)

  • Melenie Crowe Dance (Melbourne Fringe Festival 2011)

  • Times Dance Studio (July 2009-2011)




  • Children’s Palace, Guangzhou (Sep 2007-July 2009)

  • Chengjin Dance Studio (2006-2009)

  • Guangdong Modern Dance Company (2001-2006)

  • Guangzhou Song and Dance Company (1994-1998)


In China, Jin had dance teaching experience at the South China Normal College, Guangdong Dance School, Gaoyue Dance School, Hong Kong Bihua Dance Company, Guangdong Modern Dance Company, Taiwan Xinzu Feiyang Dance Company, Yunna Dance Studio and Guangzhou Acrobatic Troupe etc. She can teach Contemporary dance, Jazz, Ballet, Chinese folk and classical dance.


Choreographic Credit


  • 2013: Story of My Life, A Dream within a Dream, A Glimpse of Happiness (Australia)

  • 2010: Melody (Australia)

  • 2008: Dream into Reality (China)

  • 2008: 100% Cotton (Hong Kong, China)

  • 2006: The Midsummer (China)

  • 2006: You Don’t Care But I do Care (China)

  • 2004: Blindness…Obscurity (China)

  • 2002: Everything but You has not Changed (China)




  • 2006:Won an award in the 4th Competition of Modern Dance, Shengzhen

  • 2000: Represented Guangdong Province and attended the 6thTaoli Cup National Youth Dance Competition. The work Song at Sea was selected as teaching material and sold on DVD for dancers and students learning Chinese classical dance

  • 1997: Performed as a heroine in the dance drama Xinghai. Yellow River which was rewarded by the National “Five-Ones” Project Award

  • 1996:Awarded excellent performer of Chinese Classical Dance Certificate in the 5th Taoli Cup National Youth Dance Competition

  • 1994:Won the second prize in Jiangxi Music and Dance Festival

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