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Current and upcoming projects

Journey (2014)


JOURNEY is a contemporary dance project that combines dance, a video and photographic exhibition. The artists focus on cultural identity and cultural exchange. The project explores the experiences of people who migrate from Eastern cultures to Western countries.


Journeyis the story of Chinese, African and Indian people who travel to Australia hoping to understand and integrate into Western culture, and in turn, the story of how Western people learn to understand a new culture. Friendships are formed. Steps are made towards adaption and understanding. But how far does this go? As the new immigrants journey further and further, will they both maintain their own culture and accept the new culture or will the western culture eventually dominate? Also, how do they look upon, nurture and pass on their own culture to the next generation?

Journey - Travel is life... (2013 - 2014)


Most of time, go to travel is to escape the reality; but sometimes travel is a new start to experience the things you don’t know. Actually, travel is a life, and life is a journey that filled with lessons, hardships, heartaches, joys and special moments that will ultimately lead us to our destination. The road will not always be smooth; in fact, throughout it, we will encounter many adventures and challenges. Some of these challenges will test our courage, strengths, weakness and faith.


From the center of the crowed world to the end of the deserted world, there are so many beautiful landscapes we have seen through the journey. Crossed the life and death; with the exhausted heart, tired eyes and dusty face, we are only ready for some peerless lights, pure persons and something we have to complete this time, because we will be unable to do it forever. Life is a full of opportunities of long-distance journey or perhaps short-distance journey, so why not make the journey more wonderful and enjoyable? Follow us to explore...

Past Works & Projects

Bogdan Ota - Melbourne Concert 2013


Story of My Life

A Dream Within A Dream

A Glimpse Of Happiness


Contemporary dance by Jin Cheng Dance Arts

Choreography by Jin Cheng

Performers: Jin Cheng, Rebecca Page, Luke Pavia

Costumes by Aolisha Melbourne, Support by LiQian Hua

Vogue It - Bollywood Fashion Show 2012

Desi Music Fest, Melbourne 2012

Exchange Hotel, 29th September

Organised by Muzique Events


Choreography by Jin Cheng


Video: Behind the scenes at RMIT Univeristy, Melbourne.

You Don't Care, But I Do Care (2006)


For the Guangdong International Contemporary Dance Festival 2006.


Choreography by Jin Cheng

Performers: Guangdong Modern Dance Company

Jingyi Wang, Xiewei Chen, Jing Gao, Hao Yang, Yahui Lu, Chongbing Zheng

Costume Design by Yingtao Li

Video design by Yigang Lu

Prop Design by Sitong Wang

Lighting Design by Goh Boon Ann

Stage Design by Suizhong Chen

Photography by Jianyang Li


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