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Chinese Dance Workshops


Experience the beauty and grace of the Chinese dance workshops


Jin Cheng Dance Arts would like to bring our unique collection Chinese Dance Workshops to your school. Just like the Chinese language, dance has its own unique vocabulary, semantics, and syntactic structure that enable a dancer to fully express their thoughts and feelings with ease and grace. With more than fifty ethnic groups adding their own unique flavour, Chinese dance has evolved over five thousand years where many of the dances were confined to the villages in which they originated. Participants will learn these and other fascinating facts about Chinese culture as they explore this fully interactive workshop. By the end of the session, they will understand how traditional dances were linked with both religion and the everyday experiences and events of the time.


The aims of the Dance Workshop


  • To highlight the beauty, promote interaction and gain an understanding of Chinese culture, dance and music

  • A fun and entertaining way for students of other cultures to experience Chinese dance

  • To help a new generation of Australia-born Chinese and new Asian immigrants to showcase their talents and maintain their culture


Chinese Fan Dance

The vibrant feather or silk fans can work together to form wheels, waves, trains and many other impressive structures. During our fun and interactive workshops, participants will enjoy learning the smooth, flowing movements and practising the delicate body poses that make up this graceful dance.

A workshop session consists of


  1. Demonstration

  2. Teaching

  3. Creating and showtime


Our workshops are fun and lively. We can also customise workshops to tie in with your cultural projects.


To find out more or book your workshop, please contact us!



Phone: 0430 156 638

Chinese Ribbon Dance

Chinese Ribbon Dance is a sumptuous display of exotic texture, delightful colour and graceful movement. Using hand-held ribbons, participants will learn how the tempo of the music relates to the different ribbon movements: from large, circular sweeps to short, sharp flicks.

Chinese Handkerchief Dance

Teamwork, manual dexterity, intricate choreography and extravagant gestures and poses all come together in the lively Chinese handkerchief dance. The ornate and colourful handkerchiefs are a delight to hold and can be waved, fluttered, spun and even thrown to create different effects. Originating in North East China, but now performed throughout the country, the handkerchief dance is a popular Chinese folk custom. Not only will participants experience a lively, fun workout, they will also get a valuable taster about life and art in the exotic Far East.

Chinese Umbrella Dance

In ancient China, the umbrella was not only a day-to-day appliance, but also with sociological significance. In late Wei Dynasty, umbrella was used in official ceremonies and rites and was called the Luo Umbrella.Han Dynastyused Green Umbrella and emperors in Song dynasty used yellow and red umbrellas. Therefore, umbrellas were used in the inspection tours of emperors or senior officials in ancient times to show protection over the people.In terms of arts, umbrella is often used in opera, song and dance, and acrobatics art as well.


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